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   Coniugo GmbH

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Coniugo is a developer of GSM M2M solutions for worldwide failure messaging, GPS positioning and remote controlling like GPS controlling of several objects, security and protection against burglary, telematic, telemetry, telemedicine, vehicle positioning, homecare and wireless connection, online monitoring, general controlling and many more.

Messaging systems like the modular GO Series, the Advanced GSM Modul, the Easy Guard II or the GSM Scout active are able to secure objects via dualband and quadband technology. In case of an event the device sends automatically messages as SMS or Email to the user.

Special devices like the GSM Easy Connect Modem Professional or the GPRS Wireless Connect Modem offer the user highly specialised solutions for the industry. It is possible to send ASCII strings directly from the serial cutting point via SMS or to log data from a peripheral device on an internalserver.

Of course the customisation of technical conditions is possible. Please contact us for an quotation for your application and test out our service.


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