ConiuGo Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH
Berliner Straße 4a
16540 Hohen Neuendorf

Phone: +49 (3303) 409639
Fax: +49 (3303) 409691

Support-Form: GSM Modem

Our business office residents in the park tower of Hohen neuendorf, which lays at the state road B96. In the city limits the B96 is named Berliner Straße. The next highway approaches are the "Ausfahrt Stolpe" (at the city highway A 111 Berlin ring / city center) and the "Ausfahrt Birkenwerder" on the north city highway. From this point you reach Hohen Neuendorf after 2-3 km. You can look after additional orientation points on the map below. The office residents on the first level and you can reach it from the back of the building over the elevator.

For starting the route planing please click on the red marker on the map. We wish you a pleasant journey.

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