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The ConiuGo Gesellschaft für Telekommunikation mbH develops, produces and sells solutions specifically tailored to customer applications in the field of telecommunications in GSM networks. The focus is on industrial applications, which can be solved by combining state-of-the-art hardware with problem-related software engineering.

Remote data transmission via SMS, fax and voice connections for technical processes, mobile applications; This and much more is possible today, but it have to be integrated by engineers with sound GSM experience in the functionality desired by the problem. By combining know-how in hardware and software, ConiuGo GmbH offers application-ready solutions for simple-appearing applications as well as for highly complex problems with short "prototyping times".

The competence of the company is based on many years of experience in the field of telecommunications and GSM technology. The engineers which supporting the company are experts with customer orientation and form the "human capital" that benefits our customers.

Customer focus and expertise in GSM technology at ConiuGo are complemented by ISO 9001 quality management covering all levels from product development to support services. These are the pillars on which Rests our success.

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Quality Declaration for DIN EN ISO 9001

ConiuGo GmbH develops, produces and sells telecommunication technology for industrial applications in GSM radio telephone networks. This area of ​​activity includes both the creation of application-related software and the production and sale of the corresponding hardware solutions. Another business segment of ConiuGo GmbH is a competence center for GSM technology, which offers services such as consulting and technical support.

In line with the orientation of its business areas, the company ensures the enforcement of relevant standards and regulations. In addition to the standards of DIN, ISO and VDE, these are also standards defined by ad hoc working groups of the world's leading companies in the telecommunications technology sector.

At the center of the quality policy of ConiuGo GmbH is the customer with his expectation of the product or service. Quality in this context means that every business partner - from the first contact, through the offer and contract design to the order execution and the technical support - can expect a committed, the best possible technical standard-oriented cooperation. The application of the quality standard also documents to customers abroad that ConiuGo GmbH fully complies with international standards with regard to its quality policy.

The company's quality policy also requires that suppliers be involved in the optimization of their processes and be monitored for their performance. The customer can expect a punctual delivery and an optimal price / performance relation from the ConiuGo GmbH.

Quality management is considered by management to be a responsibility beyond mere customer orientation. Real quality can only be achieved if it includes the organization of internal processes and all employees regard each other as "customers". This far-reaching quality awareness is a cornerstone of the corporate culture and serves both job satisfaction and securing demanding jobs in a self-confident and at the same time self-critical team. From this responsibility, the management is committed to all questions of quality in particular. At ConiuGo GmbH, the managing director is also the representative for quality management.

ConiuGo GmbH has a quality management system that conforms to the DIN EN ISO 9001 standard and is constantly adapted to the current requirements of quality assurance in the company and the further development of standardization. The QM system is audited internally and externally so that its function is controlled by in-house measures as well as external, independent expertise.

The elements of quality management that are active at ConiuGo GmbH are:

  • The quality management manual, which standardizes the work processes in a quality-related manner and contains all document templates so that traceability and traceability of all processes and workflows are guaranteed.
  • The Quality Management Officer supervising the fulfillment of the requirements of the standard and the observance of the guidelines of the Quality Manual.

The quality commitment of the management ensures that the quality management contributes to the satisfaction of the customers, the success of all business partners and the well-being of employees.