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For unpacking we recommend the free open source multiformat packer


GSM Modems

application description download-link
Modem Terminal Terminal program for parameterizing the ConiuGo modems Software-Icon268 KB
Telit at Controller Program of the company Telit Software-Icon4,87 MB


Especially for LAN modems

application description download-link
Lantronix Device Installer Software for parameterizing the LAN modem Lantronix Logo
externer Link
Com Port Redirector The Com Port Redirector provides a virtual COM port for the LAN modem.
This virtual COM port can then be communicated with the modem.
Lantronix Logo
externer Link


GSM reporting devices

application description download-link
configuration Manager Terminal program for parameterizing ConiuGo signaling devices Software-Icon268 KB
ADV Modul programmer Windows-software for the parameterization of Advanced Module and Easy Guard II Software-Icon0,96 MB
Go Card Reader XT Software for changing the basic settings of the SD card and SD card
GO Wireless Datalogger. A card reader is necessary!
Software-Icon3,79 MB
AVR Bootloader 2.0.1
for GO Zentrale
Software for importing firmware updates Software-Icon1,49 MB


Windows Installer 4.5 and Net Framework 4 Client

application description download-link
Windows Installer 4.5 ZIP archive
basis for the installation of our software tools
Software-Icon21,07 MB
Net Framework 4 Client ZIP archive basis for the installation of our software tools Software-Icon46,92 MB


SMS Send / Receive

application description download-link
Sendig SMS The software enables the sending of SMS with freely selectable texts via GSM modems
with LAN, USB or RS232 interface
diafaan Logo
externer Link
Sendig SMS The software allows the sending of SMS, MMS, Voice, u.v.m. via GSM modems with
LAN, USB or RS232 interface and is operating system independent (Windows, Linux, ...)
Böcherer Angewandte Informatik Logo
externer Link


Vortix Realtime-Bridge

application description download-link
Telit SR Manager Software for parameterizing the Telit RF module Software-Icon74,5 MB