GSM-based communication module in 19" technology

Technology centers, server rooms or IT centers are almost everywhere facilities of existential importance for the entire company. Accordingly high is the technical effort for the access control, the air conditioning of the facilities, fire safety and other emergency facilities.

Any irregularity, any failure, any impermissible temperature change in the event of occurrence must be reported immediately. This also outside working hours, at night and on weekends. For this to work safely you need an independent system; because in an emergency, the usual communication connections via LAN or DSL are very often affected by the outage.

Advanced GSM module in 19" drawer provides security

The Advanced GSM module is exactly the telecommunication and telecontrol unit that provides the necessary security in the situations described above! It fits the 19" racks of the server and technical cabinets in a first-class, professional 1HE rack-mount enclosure with the following features:

  • 12 Inputs for switching sensors, e.g. Door access contacts, voltage monitoring.
  • 4 Inputs for analog sensors. These are equipped with window comparators and can convert the electrical input variables into measured values.
  • 4 Switching outputs with changeover contact are available for telecontrol tasks.
  • Event message (for example power failure, power return) via SMS.
  • Setting up "combined events", e.g. if a door contact is to be reported after 6 pm as "unauthorized access".
  • Report to up to 4 phone numbers, either as a parallel message or as a cascade message.
  • Status message on demand with selection of the relevant status information via incoming SMS command.
  • Remote switching of emergency units.
  • Safe operation with its own 6 volt battery, which keeps the device in operation for 24 hours in an emergency.
  • For moving objects: query the position by optionally available GPS receiver.


Practical example of the application

The system administrator of a large hospital is responsible for a small server farm in the basement of the main building. For reasons of data protection, the personal and medical data of the patients must be kept completely separate from the internal accounting and personnel accounting. Of course, extensive measures for the redundancy of all data and periodic data backup are made. The entire computer system also has an uninterruptible power supply, which, however, is only dimensioned for up to 4 hours of bridging time. The server room will be equipped with a 19 "Advanced GSM module to ensure maximum security and to install a security system that is completely independent of all in-house devices. This monitors the temperature and reports every entry after 7pm or on weekends. Also important is the fire alarm, which works in addition to the building-wide fire detection system anyway available. Since water damage can not be completely ruled out in the basement room, a water detector is installed, which is connected to the Advanced GSM module. Thanks to the 19 "construction, the telecommunications unit fits perfectly into the system of the server racks.

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