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designiation description Download-Link
Modem operation manual for the GSM modem (LTE/GPRS/UMTS, Dualband, Quadband included) PDF-Icon453 KB
Modem LAN Operation manual for the LAN modem (LTE/GPRS/UMTS included) PDF-Icon1,57 MB
Modem Bluetooth operation manual for the Bluetooth Modem PDF-Icon213 KB
Modem UMTS user information for UMTS Modems PDF-Icon48 KB
Easy Connect Modem operation manual for the Easy Connect Modem (Professional included) PDF-Icon218 KB


GSM reporting devices

Designation description Download-Link
Advanced Modul operation Manual for the Advanced Modul PDF-Icon774 KB
Easy Guard II operation manual for the Easy Guard II (Versionen 0-1 V, 0-20 mA, 12/4/4 included) PDF-Icon774 KB
Go Modul operation manual for the Go Modul (Go Zentrale and all of Go I/0 included) zip-Icon7,72 MB
Scout operation manual for the GSM Scout Serie (GSM Scout, GSM Scout active, GSM Scout GPS, and all of GSM Scouts in a IP 65 casing) PDF-Icon668 KB
Scout active LTE operation manual for the GSM Scout active LTE PDF-Icon1710 KB
Scout GPS LTE operation manual for the GSM Scout GPS LTE PDF-Icon2695 KB
Scout protect LTE operation manual for the GSM Scout protect LTE with motion detector PDF-Icon675 KB
Scout Professional operation manual for the GSM Scout Professional in a DIN rail PDF-Icon244 KB
Wireless Connect
operation manual for the Wireless Connect data transmitter PDF-Icon532 KB


Devices with special function

designation description Download-Link
Vortix LTE Serial Data Bridge operation manual for the Vortix LTE Serial Data Bridge PDF-Icon784 KB
SMS Messenger operation manual for the SMS Messenger PDF-Icon261 KB
SMS Gateway operation manual for the SMS Gateway PDF-Icon882 KB