at instruction set / at commands

These AT commands are commands for the parameterization and configuration of our GSM modems. Originally, the AT instruction set was developed by the US company Hayes Communication and first published in the early 80's. Today, AT commands are industrial standard for modems. The name "AT" command comes from the fact that each AT command is preceded by the character "AT", which stands for the first two letters of the English word "attention".
The AT instruction set references for our GSM modems contain the standard instruction sets TS GSM 07.05 and 07.07 published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) and proprietary AT commands of the manufacturers Motorola and Telit.

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modem description download-link
LTE modem at instruction set for LE910 module PDF-Icon5,2 MB
UMTS quadband modem at instruction set for UE865 and UL865 module (Telit) PDF-Icon8,8 MB
UMTS quadband Modem at instruction set for H24 module (Motorola) PDF-Icon9,1 MB
GPRS dualband and quadband modems at instruction set for GE910 and GL865 module (Telit) PDF-Icon5,2 MB
GPRS dualband and quadband modem at instruction set for G24 module (Motorola) PDF-Icon4,3 MB