GPS tracking

If you have an SMS with a NMEA string, which your GSM Scout GPS has sent as a request to you, it should be structured as follows:


Transfer only the red coordinates from your NMEA string to the input mask. The entry in the input mask should correspond to the following spelling: 52 39.7287, 13 17.1914
The conversion of the coordinates described in the operating instructions is no longer necessary here.
After you have written the coordinates into the input mask and clicked on "Query position", the position will be shown with a red marker on the map. The map view can be switched from satellite image to standard map on the right. By clicking on the map content or using the navigation bar on the left side, the map can be zoomed in. For exploring the surrounding area, you can use the Streetview view. Simply drag the orange male with the mouse to the desired location on the map. In the Streetview view, the current address is displayed at the top left of the screen.